What is scaffolding in education?

Answer Scaffolding is frequently used by educators and is essential in teaching students new information. It consists of examples and instruction given by the teacher, guided practice with students and ev... Read More »

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Types of Scaffolding in Education?

"Scaffolding" is a term used in education to describe support an educator provides to a student. It allows the educator to control tasks beyond the student's abilities so the student can focus on w... Read More »

Scaffolding & Multiple Intelligences in Education?

According to Howard Gardner, there is no one without intelligence. This doesn't mean that everyone can get an 'A' in every class. Gardner's theories on multiple intelligences conclude that all peop... Read More »

What is scaffolding in construction?

Scaffolding, also known as "falsework" is a type of temporary structure used on the outside of a building to easily access areas which are too high to reach on a ladder. Scaffolding is only used du... Read More »

What is scaffolding in teaching?

Scaffolding in teaching brings the "I do, we do, you do" approach to the classroom. Through scaffolding the teacher models the intended lesson, practices the lesson with the student and then eventu... Read More »