What is sativa and indica?

Answer Sativa: A very energetic, mental/heady high. It is a high that will be more enjoyable during the day. In people who are intolerant or when smoked in high doses it can have psychedelic effects, and ... Read More »

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Indica vs sativa. What is your favorite?

well, if I don't get anxiety problems...I LOVE sativas just because they're kinda trippy. And I know you "can't get trippy on weed" but just they just give me a crazy high and I like it. Indica's a... Read More »

What is the Tamil name for Avena sativa?

The Tamil name for Avena sativa, known in English as "common oat," is "ots." The plant is primarily used as a cereal grain, but it is also used as a dietary supplement for a wide range of causes in... Read More »

How tall does alfalfa medicago sativa grow?

The stems of the alfalfa plant, or Medicago sativa, average heights of 1 to 3 feet, according to Purdue University. The crown of the plant can measure more than 12 inches in diameter, reports the U... Read More »

Which is the true four leaf clover Trifolium repens Linn or Medicago sativa Linn?