How to Respond to Sarcasm?

Answer Today we'll discus the economical and religious importance regarding sarcasm. Working as a team, we'll dissect the the way sarcasm is used, how to respond to it, and how to impress your coworkers w... Read More »

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How to Detect Sarcasm in Writing?

It is very difficult to detect sarcasm in writing due to lack of intonation and facial expressions, but some writers have found ways of telling their readers that they are being sarcastic.

How to Enhance Your Sarcasm Skills?

For those of you who were born with the talent, hopefully you have the brain to use it. "There are two forces that drive the sarcastic person inside you: to provoke and to seek the truth. In both c... Read More »

Why won't someone invent a sarcasm-detector?

I hate when you ask a question on here and everyone takes it seriously.I asked if it's normal for my penis to turn black after taking penis enlargement pills and people though I was serious. *sigh*

How to Avoid Being Nominated for Deletion Due to Sarcasm?

If you want to enlighten readers, then it's important to know whether or not your article comes off as sarcastic or not. This will help you avoid getting your articles deleted.