What Are the Differences Between Silica Sand & Medical Grade Sand?

Answer Sand comes in many varieties and has a variety of uses. Silica sand and aluminum oxide crystals (called medical-grade sand) are two forms of sand that have industrial and commercial uses. According... Read More »

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What is the different between silica sand and play ground soft fall sand?

soft fall sand is filtered so that the particles are of a specific uniform size that is less dust and other materials

What kind of sand does a sand blaster use?

Silica sand may be used in a sand blaster, and the sand may be rounded or angular, depending on the type of material being blasted. Sandblasting personnel are at high risk for developing silicosis,... Read More »

What is the meaning of sand in a sand ceremony?

A sand ceremony is a non-traditional component of a wedding. It is a symbolic act and can be personalized to reflect the couple's individual method of expression.SymbolizationSimilar to the use of ... Read More »

What should you do if the top of the sand filter and the fingers at the bottom have both been replaced but there is still sand in the pool and you have already tried backwashing?

Answer Many people mistake "mustard algae" as sand in their pool. Does the sand briefly disappear when you run a pool brush over it? Mustard algae resettles quickly and looks very much like filte... Read More »