What kind of salt is used in pools and how much salt to gallon ratio do you use?

Answer Answer If you have purchased Saline System equipment, you add regular 'salt' to the pool water. The salt (sodium chloride) is pure evaporated ocean salt - the same as you would use at the dinner ta... Read More »

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What is free running salt Is it iodized or can it be used for table salt?

What is sea salt used for?

Sea salt has been used for thousands of years and has various uses. It can be used in the preparation of salads and to bring out the flavors when baking. It can also be used to prepare a soothing b... Read More »

What is rock salt used for?

Residents and municipal street services use rock salt, or halite, to clear ice from paved surfaces. Rock salt causes water in the ice to have a lower freezing temperature, thus allowing it to melt ... Read More »

Where do you get the salt to put in a 20K gallon pool in El Paso since rock salt is not supposed to be used?