What is sales tax money used for?

Answer Almost anything a person buys has a sales tax added to the price. However, rarely are people told exactly where this money goes. Sales-tax revenues are usually used for the public good; this can me... Read More »

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How much money does the Fed get from sales tax?

Sales taxes are state taxes, not federal. Each state sets its own sales tax, and the money collected from the sales tax goes to the state government, not the federal government.Source:TIME: Taxatio... Read More »

How much money do sales reps make?

According to May 2008 National Employment and Wage Estimates, sales reps earn on average of $59,030 per year. However, sales reps with more technical knowledge or skills earn more. For instance, th... Read More »

How much money does a musician make from cd sales?

The amount of money each artist makes on a CD varies depending on the individual contract they have with their record company. However, the percentage they get (which is referred to as a royalty) i... Read More »

How to Save Money With Your Sales Agreement?

Most contracts are a pain...and necessaryYou can effectively write your real estate sales agreement to save yourself thousands of dollars. Your biggest consideration when doing this should be to av... Read More »