What is sake?

Answer Sake has its origin in Japan where it is perhaps the most popular drink for adults. Fermented from koji rice grown especially for the purpose of making the drink, sake has a relatively high alcoho... Read More »

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What is sake wine?

Sake wine is a traditional Japanese alcoholic drink made from rice. It plays a number of roles in Japanese life.RiceRice, the main ingredient, can be partially milled beforehand to create different... Read More »

What is a "hubby", for God's sake?

It is a nickname for your Husbandalso Old ManDH (dear husband) SpouseHubby

What is the best sake among these?

The best answer is the one you like the best. Problem is, if you know nothing about sake nobody will be able to give you an adequate answer for this. There are many different types and all have the... Read More »

For Pete's sake, what kind of a glass should I use!?

This question confuses me...I am unfamiliar with any liquor that doesn't come in a cheap bottle, with a nice, subtle brown paper bag covering, which allows for surreptitious sipping. I'm sure no o... Read More »