What is saikyo miso?

Answer Miso, fermented soybean paste, plays an important part in the Japanese diet. This staple comes in many varieties, often broadly classified as red (dark) miso or white (light) miso. Saikyo miso is a... Read More »

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What is miso soup?

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup made from miso paste combined with water or a soup stock, called "dashi." It is served as a breakfast food in Japan, and at most Japanese restaurants in the... Read More »

What is miso soup made of?

Like all soup recipes, the ingredients in miso soup vary depending on the cook who makes it. For example, Emeril Lagasse's recipe for miso soup includes kelp, dried bonito flakes, w... Read More »

What do you like in your miso soup?

How to Use Miso?

Miso is a thick, fermented paste made from soy beans, rice or barley and the addition of a fungus called kōji. It is usually combined with sea salt. Miso has a wide range of uses from soups to s... Read More »