What is safety stock?

Answer Safety stock refers to extra inventory that a business keeps on hand so that it can accommodate a sudden surge in demand or a disruption in supply. Determining how much safety stock is enough is a ... Read More »

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Stock Picker Safety?

Your number one concern is preservation of capital. As Dr. Alexander Elder, a noted stock trader and psychatrist, put it: "If you focus on handling losses, profits will take care of themselves." ... Read More »

How to Calculate Safety Stock?

Safety stock is a term that is used to describe the amount of inventory or stock that is kept on hand in order to reduce the chance of a temporary shortfall of materials from taking place. Also kno... Read More »

Home safety issues for preschool children or community safety issue?

Girlintheshadows made some good suggestions. I would, also, suggest putting protective covers in plug sockets, safety gates to keep children from falling down stairs or not so safe areas in the hou... Read More »

Is it true that safety helmets,safety belts or air-bags are useless in a high-speed/head-on collision?

Yes, a head-on collision at 55 mph (assuming both cars are going that fast, with a closure speed of 110 mph and both cars weigh about the same and they hit squarely instead of glancingly), will alm... Read More »