What is safety device in a plug called?

Answer Some electrical outlets, especially the ones for outdoor use or for indoor use near water sources, are equipped with a built-in circuit breaker called a 'Ground Fault Interruptor' (GFI for short).O... Read More »

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What safety device has to be built in to gas ovens?

Insulation resistance is measuring the integrity of a conductor's insulation, therefore there is no upper limit as such. Most insulation resistance testers will indicate either >200 (Megohms) or >9... Read More »

What is this device called?

This sounds like you're describing a (USB plug-in) modem.One that I can think of is the "Magic Jack", which just plugs into your laptop's open (unused) USB port. "Cricket", "Alltel", and "Verizon w... Read More »

What is this device called...?

a timer switch/ can pick them up for next to nothing.infact i have two just gathering dust.pity i can't email stuff

My iPod wont sync anymore..when i plug the usb cord in it says USB device not recognized...what do I do?

Answer Try a reset. I don't know what model you have so the reset procedure may be different from mine, but you can look on line at Apple's support website and find the correct procedure for your... Read More »