What is safety device in a plug called?

Answer Some electrical outlets, especially the ones for outdoor use or for indoor use near water sources, are equipped with a built-in circuit breaker called a 'Ground Fault Interruptor' (GFI for short).O... Read More »

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My device driver won't install anything I plug in.?

You should check your Control Panel, System, Device Driver, and look for anything that has some sort of problem (a question mark or an exclamation mark).You'll need to install the drivers since mos... Read More »

A device which will plug into a tv to loop video?

Some tvs especially sony have a spot in the tv where u can input a memory stick and play the videos or images on them.If you are looking to get a new television look for a television that takes me... Read More »

What safety device has to be built in to gas ovens?

Insulation resistance is measuring the integrity of a conductor's insulation, therefore there is no upper limit as such. Most insulation resistance testers will indicate either >200 (Megohms) or >9... Read More »

Does a plug socket use electricity if it is switched on at the mains but no device attached to it?

Normally, it will not. Unless, the plug has some on/off indicator running off the electricity; in this case the electricity consumed should be very, very negligible. The other possibility of electr... Read More »