How to Tap Tackle in Rugby?

Answer A tap tackle is a perfect tackle when you can't quite get to someone in the field of play which will take the attacker totally by surprise, and most probably save a try.

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How to Keep Rugby Safe?

With modifications of rules and skills , the rugby game can be played at a safe level .

How to Know Every Rugby Position and What Each One Does?

Hey guys, this is a guide to all positions in rugby if you don't know any of them. cheers, the MCB dude. Come on Methody 1st XV!

What is irish rugby?

According to the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) the sport of rugby has deep roots in Ireland's schools and universities. The full-contact game was brought to Ireland by Irish graduates of Englan... Read More »

Where did rugby balls come from?

In the 1800s the first rugby balls were made from pig bladders, which were inflated by blowing into a clay pipe. The job was unpleasant because the bladders smelled bad. Because the pig bladders va... Read More »