What is a rubella igg antibody?

Answer Rubella IgG antibodies indicate whether a patient has had a recent or past exposure to the rubella virus. A blood test is given to determine the presence or absence of IgG antibodies. Rubella, also... Read More »

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What are the symptoms for rubella in a 16 month old baby?

Anencephaly means having "no brain", quite literally. It is a congenital (genetic) condition whereby most of the brain and spinal cord is missing from an infant, and what part of the brain is prese... Read More »

What are acceptable antibody levels for rubella vaccination?

IgGNegative 5 IU/ml or underBorderline retest 5-9 IU/mlPositive 10 IU/ml or moreIgMNegative 0.89 IVBorderline retest 0.90-1.09 IVPositive 1.10 IV or moreReference ranges may be slightly different f... Read More »

What type of immunity do you get when you get a rubella vaccine?

What is the diagnostic test to differentiate measles and rubella?

Rubella (German measles) is a mild, three day infection that seldom leads to complications in children. However, rubella may cause birth deformities in babies born to mothers who are infected durin... Read More »