What is round-robin tournament?

Answer A "round-robin tournament" is ond in which all of the participants will play against all of the other participants the same number of times.TypesIn a single round-robin tournament, every participan... Read More »

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THIS OR THAT. [PNT - Perfect Name Tournament] ROUND 3.?

Connor, I hate the "hen" in HenryLiam is more masculine, the nickname "Ollie" for Oliver is horrible(I know Noah is exempt but I personally think it sounds very feminine, all names that end in "a" ... Read More »

THIS OR THAT. [PNT - Perfect Name Tournament] ROUND 2.?

Aww, Nathaniel lost? That's my favorite boy's name.Anyways:JamesHenryOliverEmmettCorbinEvangeline (though I really dislike both)Avalon (same as above)SaraElisabeth (though I like both)Danielle

THIS OR THAT. [PNT - Perfect Name Tournament] ROUND 1.?

BOYS:Spencer.Dylan.HenryEnzo.QuinnOliver.LiamEmmett Sutton.Nathaniel.GIRLS:Evangeline.SuriAvalon.Danica.Teagan.Bridget.KierstenFaithKenadie.Danielle

How Do I Calculate How Many Games in a Round Robin?

A round-robin schedule is a common format for leagues and preliminary rounds of tournaments because it allows each team to play every other team. If you want to schedule a round-robin tournament or... Read More »