Does rouge like sonic?

Answer They are friends. Sonic Chronicles shows some warm relations between Sonic and Rouge.

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Who does rouge the bat love?

rouge the bat is simmerler to naruto because rouge has a big crush on shadow but it looks like knuckles is the one but knuckles as been flirlting on rouge but been going with other girls because he... Read More »

How to Apply Rouge?

Rouge, or blush, is one of the staples in a clean, easy makeup look. Rouge accents the cheekbones and makes the wearer appear healthy, glowing and youthful. There are many pitfalls to avoid, howeve... Read More »

How to Draw Rouge the Bat?

Rouge the bat is a very cool sonic the hedgehog character and is easy to draw!

In what episode of Sonic X did Rouge the bat first appear?

numero uno, genius. She is spying on sonic and eggie She is more like introduced in the first one but only for a couple of seconds, she appears in episode 10lol ten or 11