What is rote memorization?

Answer Educators use rote memorization as a technique to teach students large quantities of information such as letter names, letter sounds, sight words, addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication ... Read More »

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What is the rote memorization method?

There are a number of methods and systems that people use to learn new things, or to teach children basic academic principles. The rote memorization method is one of these systems, and educators an... Read More »

Rote Memorization Techniques?

Rote memorization involves the memorizing of facts and figures without the need to analyze, critique or consider those facts on a higher plane of thought. Regurgitating specific information can be... Read More »

The Best Practices for Rote Memorization in the Classroom?

Rote memorization in the classroom may not always be fun for the students, but it is often necessary. Rote memorization of facts, such as rules of grammar, addition and multiplication tables and ot... Read More »

What is the effect of music on memorization?

Music aids memorization in several ways. Whether you play a musical instrument, listen to music after an accident or sing facts to yourself to memorize them, using music boosts your memory--as long... Read More »