What is rotation tessellation?

Answer Filling a space with repeated patterns of congruent and interlocking polygons creates what is known as a tessellation. Three basic types of tessellations exist, each using a different form of symme... Read More »

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Tessellation Activities?

Tessellation is a technique of fitting symmetrical shapes together without any overlapping or gaps. It was created by a Dutch graphic designer, M.C. Escher, who was inspired by the intricate tile w... Read More »

Tessellation Math Games?

A tessellation is a pattern composed of shapes that perfectly fit together without gaps or overlaps. Math games involving tessellations teach students how to solve problems with multiple possibilit... Read More »

How to Make a Tessellation With Shapes?

Tessellation or tiling, uses the same shapes to cover a plane without any overlapping or gaps. It is used in geometry to learn about shapes and areas. Tessellation is also an art form made famous ... Read More »

How to Make a Translation Tessellation?

Do you love those cool pictures that seem to shift before your eyes? Are you fascinated by the shapes blending into each other? Tessellations are pictures formed by fitting together replicas of the... Read More »