What is rotary camera function?

Answer function of rotary camera

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What is the function of a rotary club?

The Rotary International was begun in 1905 in Chicago by attorney Paul Harris. The club was established as a means to further the social and professional interests of club members, who were solely ... Read More »

What is the function of the lens in a camera?

The lens allows for creating different effects on the camera. There are lens for zooming, fish eye, etc. It creates different artistic modes. The camera comes basically without the lens, and more e... Read More »

What are the parts and function in digital camera?

Answer There are many parts to the average point and shoot digital camera, the basics are as follows: 1) The lens. Just like a film SLR camera, this focuses the light coming into the camera onto t... Read More »

Function of a lens on the camera?

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