What is rosetta stone for language?

Answer Learning a new language is a difficult undertaking. It takes time, concentration, dedication, and a patient and diligent teacher. Rosetta Stone is a computer program that has the goal of making lan... Read More »

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What is the language on the Rosetta Stone?

The Rosetta Stone is a stele that presents a decree praising the reign of Ptolemy V written in three separate inscriptions representing two ancient language groups -- ancient Egyptian and ancient G... Read More »

How to Change the Language in Rosetta Stone After the First Language is Installed?

Named for the stone tablet that provided the key to ancient Egyptian languages, Rosetta Stone software is a popular program designed to make learning foreign languages easier. The program offers 28... Read More »

How was the language on the Rosetta Stone used?

The Rosetta Stone is an artifact from the Hellenic Period in Egypt used to translate ancient hieroglyphics. This discovery helped broaden the field of Egyptology and what linguists knew about the o... Read More »

Rosetta Stone Language Lessons?

The Rosetta Stone program is one of the most recognized language learning softwares currently on the market. It boasts one of the most interactive teaching programs by utilizing voice recognition s... Read More »