What is the best way to lower a child's tempature of 104?

Answer Give liquid tylenol and you can also bathe the child in lukewarm water. Do not overdress the child or wrap in too many covers. If you have trouble controlling the fever, you can alternate tylenol a... Read More »

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At what tempature do you like you home, or apartment durrning the winter season..?

It depends if it's windy outside or not too but since this cold weather has started our thermostat is set at 74 degrees. We have a 9 1/2 month old baby too so we have to keep the house a little war... Read More »

Tempature of a baby's urine?

Everyone's urine is the same temperature as their body. Normal body temperature is 98.6.

Is it front room, sitting room, living room or lounge?

depends if: its at the front of the house, you sit in it, live in it or have a sag-lounge in it.

I have a new room with almost no sunlight. The room also has smell. What can I do to change?

First figure out what is causing odor ....I usually burn candles as they absorb odor around them also some times burn cinnamon sticks which t really affective...hope it helps u too.