What is river delta sediment?

Answer A river delta is the area where a river splits into smaller streams called tributaries when it meets the ocean. Deltas are formed by the build-up of sediment over thousands of years. River delta se... Read More »

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What is a river delta?

A delta sometimes forms where a river meets the sea. Two of the world's most famous deltas are the Mississippi River Delta and the Nile River Delta.ShapeIn a delta, the river splits into smaller st... Read More »

River Delta Facts?

One of the many important aspects of understanding rivers is the delta, a build up of sediment carried down by the force of moving water. Within the general concept of the river delta, sub-types al... Read More »

What river is the western tributary of the Pearl River in southern China?

Located in southern China, the Xijiang River is the western tributary of the Pearl River. The other tributaries of the Pearl are the Dongjiang River and Beijiang River to the east and north, respe... Read More »

What makes up a river and where does a river end up?