What is risk life insurance?

Answer High risk life insurance is insurance for people who for a variety of reasons policy writers consider a higher risk to the insurance company. High risk insurance premiums are higher than low risk i... Read More »

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How do I pay my life insurance premiums on line for Globe Life and Accident Insurance Co.?'s the website.

What is the difference in whole life insurance&term life insurance?

Life insurance pays a defined benefit amount when the policyholder dies. Term life insurance pays if the death occurs during the term of the policy--a predetermined number of years. Whole life insu... Read More »

Life Settlement Risk?

"Hey, Mr. Elderly Policy Owner, sell me your old life insurance policy and I'll pay you cash now for a percentage of the face amount!" This sales pitch offers what is called a "life settlement," wh... Read More »

What is insurance risk?

Insurance risk is when insurance companies take the responsibility of providing insurance for their customers for a variety of items. This process allows the insurance company to assume the risk in... Read More »