What is rhubarb?

Answer Rhubarb is a vegetable that looks a lot like celery but is red on its stalk. It has a tangy taste and is often used to make pie on its own or mixed with strawberries.

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Differences Between Indian Rhubarb & Turkey Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is a vegetable that is used for cooking as well as medicinal purposes. The root of rhubarb promotes digestive health. Turkey rhubarb and Indian rhubarb are two types of this perennial plant... Read More »

What is turkey rhubarb?

Turkey rhubarb is a type of plant that originated in Asia and is now grown throughout the world. The roots and stems of the plant are often used in herbal medicine to treat a variety of conditions.... Read More »

What is an herb called turkey rhubarb?

Turkey rhubarb is a root that has been used for thousands of years as an herbal remedy for digestion problems. It has a mild laxative effect that assists to ease constipation, but is chiefly used a... Read More »

What causes red spots on rhubarb leaves?