What is rhodium plating?

Answer Rhodium plating is the process of coating a piece of jewelry, especially rings and earrings, in a rhodium metal finish to increase the jewelry's durability, according to Read More »

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What does rhodium plating cost?

White gold and platinum often have rhodium plating, giving the jewelry a white, reflective and tarnish-proof surface. Rhodium plating costs depend on size of the jewelry and thickness of plating. O... Read More »

Allergies to Rhodium Plating?

Rhodium is an element in the platinum family known for its resistance to tarnish and corrosion. Some people experience allergic reactions when they wear rhodium-plated jewelry, however. While rhodi... Read More »

What is rhodium plating made of?

Rhodium plating is made from rhodium, an extremely rare and expensive precious metal in the platinum family that is used in jewelry making to enhance the shine of other precious metals, such as gol... Read More »

Why is rhodium plating applied to white gold?

Gold, which is a soft element, is combined with another metal in order to transform it into usable jewelry. According to, white gold jewelry is made from gold and either nickel or ... Read More »