What is reverse sneezing in dogs?

Answer Paroxysmal respiration or pharyngeal gag reflex, often called reverse sneezing, is an alarming but usually harmless condition common in certain breeds of dogs.Breeds AffectedAlmost any type of dog ... Read More »

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How to Stop Reverse Sneezing in Dogs?

Dogs not only sneeze, but can reverse sneeze, as well. A reverse sneeze, also called a mechanosensitive aspiration reflex, causes a dog to pull air into its nose, as opposed to a regular sneeze, in... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Reverse Sneezing in a Dog?

Reverse sneezing is another name for paroxysmal respiration or pharyngeal gag reflex. According to VetInfo, the dog may seem to have issues breathing and make a snorting sound as if trying to inhal... Read More »

What is inverted sneezing in dogs?

Inverted sneezing in dogs is commonly called reverse sneezing. It is triggered by a number of factors. While it can sound and look like a health emergency, inverted sneezing in dogs is common.Caus... Read More »

Backwards Sneezing in Dogs?

Backward sneezing, also called reverse sneezing, isn't actually sneezing, but a spasm that occurs when the throat becomes irritated. While this condition is not life threatening, the causes differ ... Read More »