What is retroactive insurance?

Answer A date that a claim can be made.

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What is a 'retroactive period' in liability insurance?

The retroactive date sets how long before the inception of the policy that you are covered for negligent acts, error or omissions that you report during that policy. A retroactive date can match th... Read More »

Where can you find sample wording for retroactive liabilty insurance?

Retroactive Liability Insurance There is no insurance of that type. An insurance company would never issue a policy covering possible previous damage in regards to any type of property.

Can grants be retroactive?

On One Hand: They Are RetroactiveFederal Pell Grants are retroactive. This is applicable when a student who qualifies for the grant was enrolled in an eligible degree program before being awarded t... Read More »

Are COBRA Payments Retroactive?

COBRA payments are indeed retroactive, so long as the qualified recipient meets two conditions. First, they may pay all the premiums on the insurance retroactive to the date they lost coverage. Sec... Read More »