What is retirement plan vesting?

Answer Many companies have plans to help employees save for retirement. Some of the plans have a feature called vesting. When an employee becomes vested, after a certain period of time, he is permitted t... Read More »

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What Does "Vesting Service" for Retirement Mean?

Some employers offer retirement plans through the company, such as 401k plans, which permit employer contributions to the account. Vesting refers to the service required for an employee to keep the... Read More »

What does"vesting service"for retirement mean?

Vesting service is the amount of time a person must be employed by a firm to received retirement benefits. Some companies vest employees immediately upon hire, and others vest after one, two, three... Read More »

What is an 801 (k) retirement plan?

My understanding is that you are correctly referring to a little known investment vehicle called an 801(K). It involves companies who pay back very solid dividends to investors of the fund and that... Read More »

What Is a TDA Retirement Plan?

A TDA, or tax deferred annuity, is a tax-favored retirement plan that allows an employee of a nonprofit organization to contribute money pre-tax toward retirement. Over 156 million people had a TDA... Read More »