What is reticulated foam?

Answer Reticulated foam is used for packing materials, scrubbing pads, ceramic filters and other items. The foam can be made from many substances, and is specially processed so that the cells are open, le... Read More »

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How to Get a Baby Reticulated Python to Eat?

Baby reticulated pythons are constrictor snakes, which means they squeeze and crush their prey in their coils before eating it. In the wild, baby reticulated pythons hatch from eggs and immediately... Read More »

What Type of Foam Is Used in a Jamison Resort Foam Mattress?

A comfortable mattress helps guarantee a good night's sleep. Jamison Resort Mattresses are available in many vacation resorts but are also available for homes. According to the American Chronicle, ... Read More »

I just purchased a gel memory foam pad. Can I use a heated mattress pad with the gel memory foam pad?

contact the maker of the gel memory pad. The heat may damage it!!

Is laminate with foam attached better or worse than laminate without foam attached.?

It is not necessarily better or worse. It is easier for the "do-it-yourselfer" because it is already attached but it limits your choice as to which type of underlayment (foam) you can use. Most pre... Read More »