What is restricted visits mean?

Answer The courts generally want to maximize the potential for the children to develop lasting, lifelong relationships with both parents while also considering the physical, mental, emotional, or moral he... Read More »

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What Does 'Income Restricted Apartments' Mean?

The cost of renting an apartment is constantly increasing, particularly in urban areas. The average income, however, has not increased at a similar rate. As a result, many cities have implemented "... Read More »

What does restricted mean on Facebook, and do u remove the restriction?

Restricted means that the person is still on your friend list but they can't see anything that you do not show to the public. To remove people from it you click on restricted and then hit manage an... Read More »

What does restricted mail mean at the post office?

On its website, USPS says restricted matter is dangerous for reasons beside "risk of harm to persons or property involved in moving the mail." Examples are vehicle master keys or intoxicating liquo... Read More »

What does it mean when a cell phone says restricted?

A cell phone will say "Restricted" when the person calling it has chosen to hide her number. In many cases "Restricted" numbers are telemarketers, but they can also be organizations or individuals ... Read More »