What is residential care&assisted living level 1?

Answer When a person is no longer independent or able to be cared for in his home, alternative housing in a residential facility is a possible option. Residential care is a broad term covering everything ... Read More »

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How to Start a Residential Assisted Living Facility in Arizona?

Assisted living homes provide supervision and assistance to elderly individuals and physically or cognitively impaired persons who cannot live alone, but do not need the constant care and supervisi... Read More »

If you have joint custody with standard visitation and not living in the same city and you were to move near your ex is it possible to fight for 50 50 residential custody?

Answer Certainly! Now that you live closer there is no reason you can't have the courts revise the custody papers and you have split custody of the child(ren). However, the two of you are adults ... Read More »

At what asset level do you need a living trust?

On One Hand: Asset Level is Not The Determining FactorThe main goal of an estate plan is to accomplish the objectives of the individual. No minimum asset level is required to benefit from a living ... Read More »

Instructions to Raise a Garage Floor to House Level for Additional Living Space?

Converting a garage to living space is a project that can not only add living space, but can improve the value of your home. The project should begin with installing a wood floor structure to elimi... Read More »