What is required to teach English abroad?

Answer Those looking to teach English abroad may find employment or volunteer opportunities through private agencies, grade schools, universities, orphanages or businesses. Potential English teachers must... Read More »

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How to Teach Go Abroad Program Students?

Go Abroad students are college students who choose to spend some part of their undergraduate careers in a foreign country. Some colleges offer credit for courses that are completed in approved prog... Read More »

How to Teach in American Schools Abroad?

American international schools have good reputations as educational institutes and working abroad offers a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the life and culture of another country. However,... Read More »

Are US military personnel required to follow US laws while serving abroad For example could a US soldier smoke marijuana openly if stationed in Amsterdam?

Yes, by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the individual service regulations, US service members are required to obey not only US Federal law, but also local laws and regulations, in additio... Read More »

Will people calling me on mobile when im abroad notice i am abroad?

If you are abroad and I ring your mobile, I will get a different tone. The same long tone as you get when your waiting for someone to pick up the phone in the states (like in the movies). Whether... Read More »