What is required to open a daycare center?

Answer A lot of planning is needed to create and open a daycare center. Research needs to be done on the requirements of the state where the daycare will be opened; as well as the local ordinances regulat... Read More »

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What education do you need to open a daycare center?

Opening a daycare doesn't have very many set requirements. A state-issued daycare license is required to care for children. If you plan to open a larger daycare with multiple employees and staff me... Read More »

How to Open Your Own Daycare Schooling Center?

Daycare schooling centers provide a nurturing environment for young children and educational activities for preschool age children. The demand for childcare workers is expected to increase, accordi... Read More »

How to Open a Daycare Center in New York?

With the high cost of living in the state of New York, more families require both parents to work, increasing the demand for childcare. In 2009, the National Association of Child Care Resource & Re... Read More »

How to Open a Church Daycare Center in Alabama?

Daycare centers are an essential industry, especially in a shaky economy where many families are forced to have two incomes. The Alabama Department of Human Services has specific guidelines and req... Read More »