What is required to get a GED?

Answer According to ACE Net, a GED (General Educational Development) is an educational credential awarded to students who did not graduate from high school but who have passed an examination demonstrating... Read More »

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What class of vessel is required to have one approved type 4 throwable personal flotation device on board in addition to the required personal flotation devic for each person on board?

The navy is critical to protecting the commerce of a country. It protects the ships and waterways to allow goods to be brought to the country. They serve as a defense to prevent anyone from being... Read More »

Why are cars drivers required to wear a seat belt but motorcycle drivers not required to wear a helmet?

Simple -- Statistically, you will have far less injuries or dead if you wear a seat belt.Statistically, a motorcycle helmet does not reduce injuries or deaths. The purpose of the helmet laws is to... Read More »

What Are the Required Prerequisites for RNs?

A registered nurse is a leader, role model and problem solver. Each state requires passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses and periodic renewal of the license to re... Read More »

What is required to buy wholesale?

In order to make the most money possible, businesses must by wholesale, without paying sales tax which usually means buying direct from a manufacturer or through a distributor.Legal BusinessIn orde... Read More »