What is required to get a GED?

Answer According to ACE Net, a GED (General Educational Development) is an educational credential awarded to students who did not graduate from high school but who have passed an examination demonstrating... Read More »

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Why are cars drivers required to wear a seat belt but motorcycle drivers not required to wear a helmet?

Simple -- Statistically, you will have far less injuries or dead if you wear a seat belt.Statistically, a motorcycle helmet does not reduce injuries or deaths. The purpose of the helmet laws is to... Read More »

What class of vessel is required to have one approved type 4 throwable personal flotation device on board in addition to the required personal flotation devic for each person on board?

The navy is critical to protecting the commerce of a country. It protects the ships and waterways to allow goods to be brought to the country. They serve as a defense to prevent anyone from being... Read More »

Is a CDL required for an RV?

CDL stands for Commercial Drivers License. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) administrates CDL requirements. Recreational Vehicles (RV) that are used for recreational enjoymen... Read More »

What is required to become an LPN?

Often the first step to a nursing career, licensed practical nurse (LPN) certification takes about a year. With shifts available around the clock, you can gain experience while studying to be a reg... Read More »