What is required to be accepted into med school?

Answer you have to be smart

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What happens when you come from a low income family and get accepted into an expensive school?

Pell grants are 5550 a year, that is it. So you have to be realistic about what you can afford, and understand that you are looking at a good deal of debt. If you are attending in-state you may als... Read More »

Getting accepted into dental school?

I am also 21 with a son who is now 17 months (went through dental assisting school 2011)I am pursuiting my career as a dentist as we speak. Depending on the dental school youare looking at determin... Read More »

What are your chances of being accepted into the CIA?

It depends on how good your are. the better you are, the higher the chances to be accepted.

What is the average GPA accepted into UCSD master's program?

Minimal GPA to get accepted into the University California San Diego Master's program is a cumulative GPA of 3.4 in seven of the college's upper division courses. Having the required GPA and course... Read More »