What is required from seller to sell a condominium in Michigan?

Answer In most states, if you hold title to a condominium, you should be able to sell it.However, there may be restrictions or conditions upon sale, depending on what is spelled out in your governing docu... Read More »

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Is a seller required to supply condo rules and master deed in the State of Michigan if they are not the developer?

The governing documents for the association can give you the answer you require.Generally, owners are required to sign at the close of sale, and attest to the fact that they have received -- and pe... Read More »

The seller must provide the buyer of a condominium with?

The answer to your question is going to be different in every state and nearly every county and community where you propose to purchase a condominium. A local real estate agent can help you underst... Read More »

What Happens If a Seller Financed Home Buyer Decides to Sell Before Their House Is Paid off?

Many people selling homes, especially homes that are difficult to sell, turn to seller financing as a way to market the home more effectively. Many seller-financed purchasers would have problems bu... Read More »

When the seller or developer failed to deliver the condominium unit due to non construction of the project what interest rate the developer must pay to he buyer for the amount they paid?

Your answer is contained within the purchase agreement that you signed originally.