What is required for HTML email?

Answer Unlike plain-text email, HTML (Hyper Text Mark-up Language) email can include elements such as tables, images and formatting styles. Companies or individuals often use HTML email to market their pr... Read More »

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How to Set Up an HTML Email?

Because Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) allows you to create emails with colorful texts and various shaped fonts, using HTML instead of plain text helps you to compose more creative emails. Most o... Read More »

How to Test HTML Email?

Email messages composed in HTML offer many more design options than those in plain text. However, they often appear differently from what you would expect, especially on the computer screens of peo... Read More »

How do I add HTML graphics to an email?

Using Open your email client and type the text section of your email. Since every file on the Web is separate, link graphics directly onto the email message by use of the tags. Linking with this t... Read More »

How to Print an HTML Email?

When you've received an email that you want to print, you may find it difficult if the email is not plain-text. HTML emails may not print out automatically the same way they appear on the screen, e... Read More »