What is replaced in a remanufactured iphone?

Answer Yes, you'll have to pay more. You have to get a data plan that is either $15/month for 200mb or $25 for 2GB. The data plan includes unlimited usage with AT&T Wi-Fi, basic access, and Visual Voicemail.

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How can you get your iPhone 3G replaced for free?

for 8g its now $99..which if u arent a heavy phone user is ok.. and u can get the update for free from i tunes,instead of paying $199 for the 3gs.

What would happen to an old iphone when replaced?

Nothing happens. You can use it as an ipod touch with 911 capabilities. You do have calling and texting if you have an app but you have to be in wifi but 911 works everywhere. So use it as a 911 de... Read More »

If i crack my iphone when i have a contract can i get it replaced?

You could get it replaced in the apple shop but it will cost a lot! You are better off getting a new screen, the same thing happened to my friend when she was out for a run. She brought it to her U... Read More »

I had my laptops fan replaced.Now the new fan is making noises.Is there a way to know if the fan was replaced?

Hi Khizar,If you could determine that the sound is coming from the fan and the hardware part is already replaced, I would suggest you to update the BIOS from the manufacturer’s website.Note: Plug... Read More »