What is refinancing assistance?

Answer Refinancing assistance is when homeowners in danger of losing their houses are offered to restructure their mortgages in order to make payments affordable.DefinitionSince 2009, the U.S. government ... Read More »

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What is refinancing?

Answer Refinancing a loan means that you are essentially paying off your mortgage with a new loan. Refinancing is often used to change your loan from an adjustable to a fixed rate and can be a way ... Read More »

What does refinancing a car mean?

Car refinancing occurs when a car owner obtains a new loan with a different bank or lender in order to pay off what they currently owe on their car. Most owners refinance their car in order to get ... Read More »

How do I add someone's name when refinancing a car?

Apply for Loan with Other PersonApply for your loan with the person whose name you plan to add. You cannot simply add someone to a car loan, which is what a refinance is. One person will become the... Read More »

Can someone with bad credit get refinancing?

On One Hand: Some Lenders Will Refinance Despite Bad Credit.Even in a weak real estate market, says editor Michael D. Larson, some lenders will refinance mortgages for those with bad c... Read More »