What is refinancing a home loan?

Answer When paying monthly mortgage payments places a financial strain on individuals and their families or if homeowners wish to take advantage of lower interest rates, refinancing a home loan may be the... Read More »

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Is taking out a home equity loan or refinancing a home better?

On One Hand: Cash-Out RefinanceA cash-out refinance is best if interest rates have fallen since you took out your mortgage. The cash-out refinance will lower the interest rate on the entirety of yo... Read More »

How to Use a Home Loan Refinancing Calculator from iTrust?

There are many people who think why we need to refinance our existing home loan? There can be many reasons for it like lowering rate of interest, extending the tenure period or reduction in monthly... Read More »

Do You Go to a Closing Meeting When Refinancing a Home Loan?

When you refinance your home, you must sign the mortgage documents in front of a state-certified notary, and you normally do this during a meeting that lenders call "the loan closing." However, in ... Read More »

What is the difference between modifying and refinancing a home loan?

If you're looking to make your mortgage payments more affordable, two options are a loan refinance or a loan modification. Both allow homeowners to renegotiate their mortgage terms in different way... Read More »