What is reference code s0a00?

Answer "S0A00" is a basic message for Motorola boxes that basically means "One Moment Please this channel should be available shortly" like the old message used to say. Hope this helps, this is a direct a... Read More »

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What is reference code s0a00 on a Comcast Motorola HD Cable Box?

I have Comcast too and I got the same S0a00 reference code a few minutes ago... I don't know where you are, but I'm in Nashville and we have an outage here. I called them and they said the snow and... Read More »

Comcast Ref code S0a00?

This means your account has been put on a temporary "suspension" mode, maybe for non-payment. To restore services immediately please call Comcast and make payment via phone.This is not true. It occ... Read More »

What is reference code s0200 on cable tv?

What is reference code S0012 on cable tv?

This means WAIT...We are busy repairing or,updating/upgrading the system and will be back,in service momentarly.Thanks for you'r time.