What is redish brownish blood mean'?

Answer It means you need to see a doctor.

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Had sex 3 times this month and the last time a lot of blood came then the next day it was brownish now theres nothing what does this mean?

Answer Sometimes blood follows sex.. it could have been many types of bleeding, ovulation, or other things.. if you are desiring pregnancy than I would take a test in a couple weeks, I would for s... Read More »

Could it be a sign of pregnancy if you have had some brownish red blood but it is very light and irregular?

Answer Hiya!Yes that could be a sign of pregnancy. Wait two weeks and do a pregnancy test.

Redish purple blotches on face after vomiting?

That happens sometimes after throwing up excessively. I think you will be fine in the long run. Sorry you feel sick & hope you feel better very soon.

The past few times I fingered my girlfriend I got a redish brown thick liquid on my fingers. Did I cut her ?

It sounds like she is leaking transmission oil. I would take her to a mechanic as soon as possible. You don't want her to leak on your gear shift knob.