What is waste recycling?

Answer The process of waste recycling involves reusing organic as well as commercial materials in an innovative way, renewing the use of these materials when their initial purposes are no longer appropria... Read More »

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What is battery recycling?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), batteries contain heavy metals that can contaminate the environment if not recycled. Many states have adopted specific legislation to mandate... Read More »

What is aluminum recycling?

Aluminum is a type of metal that is most often used to produce beverage cans. Most recycling programs accept aluminum cans, which are usually recycled into new beverage cans. In 2009, Americans rec... Read More »

What can we do to help recycling?

With so much talk about recycling, it can sometimes feel like a very large task that will never be accomplished. Recycling, however, doesn't have to be daunting. It can actually be quite simple and... Read More »

What Happens at a Recycling Center?

The empty soda cans and old newspapers you place into a recycling bin all end up at a recycling center. Recycling centers are facilities that transform discarded items into raw material that is sui... Read More »