Is what's app really going to open with paying or it's still going to be free...?

Answer In part its true, but not because of anything that message sent. That's just a chain message.WhatsApp on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry all are free, but charge $0.99/year thereafter. On the iP... Read More »

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C'mon Ladies, What really gets you going!?

Oh I love to have a rant!I hate:Teenagers/young kids packing bags at the supermarket. They just get in the way, pack the most stupid of things together, do it even when you say you don't want a ha... Read More »

My thumb really hurts, what can i do without going to the doctor Please Help!?

You have overstressed your thumb and it needs a rest.Stop popping it, it will take will power, but you need to stop doing it.

What should I call this event that I'm going to create on facebook Really short and I'll answer yours!!!?

Movie NightMovie ShowingMovie DateMovie fiesta

Are we really going to let them win?

I won't let them win. They are more than welcome to steal my avatar!No, seriously. I can't think of a bigger "F*CK YOU" to the picture stealers than to proudly post pics of ourselves and our babb... Read More »