What is real-time court reporting?

Answer Real-time court reporting is the process of taking down verbatim proceedings on a stenotype machine. This machine is hooked up through cables to a laptop computer where the text can be viewed on th... Read More »

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What is a court reporting scopist?

A court reporting scopist proofreads the transcripts created by court reporters, individuals who type the proceedings of a legal hearing or trial verbatim as they occur. The scopist corrects gramma... Read More »

Verbatim Court Reporting?

Court reporters create transcripts of meetings, speeches and legal proceedings like trials and depositions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics describes three different types of court reporting: stenog... Read More »

Court Reporting in Indianapolis?

As the capitol city of Indiana, Indianapolis is a city with numerous opportunities for employment for court reporters. This occupation is expected to grow 25 percent before 2016, according to the H... Read More »

Education in Court Reporting?

Court reporters create word-for-word written accounts of legal proceedings, meetings and other events. Education requirements for court reporters vary depending on the type of recording and state l... Read More »