What is raster animation in computer graphics?

Answer Raster animation is the most basic type of computer animation. Put simply, it involves creating an image, and then using a computer to put that image in motion--as opposed to having a computer rend... Read More »

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What kind of computer specs are needed for animation graphics?

According to Animation Mentor, you need to be running Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Your PC's processor should be 2 GHz or above or a G5/Intel if you're using Apple. You also need a minimum... Read More »

Which Computer is best for high graphics/Animation programs?

I would go for the middle one for you. More power slight difference on video card than the last. HD Intel graphics = not that great.

Is a computer that uses on-board graphics compatible with a graphics card?

Not sure what you mean by compatible. The on-board graphics in many cases does not work well in cross-firing even when it is designed to do so, and adds very little to performance and instead adds ... Read More »

What is computer-assisted animation?

Computer-assisted animation is used on an animated feature for a number of reasons. Additionally, computer-assisted animation can be used for both traditional 2D and 3D animation to enhance the ove... Read More »