What is rapid refund&e-file?

Answer The fastest, easiest and most reliable way to file your taxes is to e-file, or file them electronically via the Internet. If you really can't wait for your refund, many tax preparers offer "rapid r... Read More »

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How to File for a Rapid Refund Online?

For taxpayers receiving a refund, the wait for the refund to arrive is often long. If tax returns are mailed in, the refund process usually takes four to six weeks. Electronically filed tax returns... Read More »

What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement)?

When you sleep you go through several phases, first your body needs to relax, then you slowly enter a deeper restful sleep that will allow for assistance/aid in healing and regeneration of cells.RE... Read More »

What is rapid refund?

Rapid Refund is the process by which a taxpayer can receive an anticipated tax refund as a loan from a tax preparation company instead of waiting for one from the IRS. Also known as a "Refund Antic... Read More »

What is a rapid refund?

If you expect a refund on your federal income taxes, you want to get that refund as quickly as possible. Rapid refund is a way to get your federal tax refund back quickly.SignificanceTaxpayers who ... Read More »