Can you use rapeseed oil as a lubricant?

Answer You can use rapeseed oil as a lubricant for sheet metal production, for machines operating at high temperatures and mud drillers. Rapeseed oil does not oxidize easily and you can modify its free fa... Read More »

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Is canola oil made from rapeseed?

Canola oil is derived from a hybrid version of the rapeseed plant. The name "canola" stands for "Canadian oil, low acid." Canola oil is highly refined, giving it a neutral taste and a high smoke po... Read More »

I just ate a packet of Special K crisps and on the ingredients it said Rapeseed was in it, what should I do?

LOL! Rape is just a plant. In North America they got scared about the name so there it's called canola. Rather the same way they call cockerels roosters... oh dear, it's got the word "cock" in i... Read More »