What is range of wireless earphones before they lose their transmission signal?

Answer The range on the wireless earphones for a bluetooth is 30 feet. Which is a very good distance for wireless earphones. You wouldn't have any cutting our with wireless and you wouldn't have any wires... Read More »

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Whats the range of a wireless internet booster / signal extender?

I'd like a good 8"....just sayin. I really don't know what you're talking about. I'm assuming something for the internet. I'm stuck with stupid dial-up so I'm clueless about most of that stuff.

Who created the first wireless signal transmission?

Welsh musician David E. Hughes sent wireless radio signals several hundred meters in 1879. Nevertheless, the age of radio didn't begin until electromagnetic waves were better understood. Between 1... Read More »

I got a N150 netgear wireless adapter WNA1100, whats the range that it picks up wireless connections?

There is no one set number - there are many variables that determine wireless range, such as whether indoors or outdoors, what solid obstacles are in the way, etc. Each successive generation is mo... Read More »

Can I get ethernet service from a wireless signal through a wireless router?

No. Your spare wireless router will only transmit the network connection, it won't receive a network signal and send it back out through the wired ports... you would need an access point device to ... Read More »