What is radiator fluid?

Answer Radiator fluid is an essential component in your car. It needs to be checked regularly and changed occasionally or you may find yourself stuck at the side of the road.DefinintionRadiator fluid is t... Read More »

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How Does Radiator Fluid Protect a Radiator?

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What is the pH of radiator fluid?

The correct pH value of radiator fluid is between 9.5 and 10.0 pH. If your radiator fluid pH level goes below 9.0, recommendations are to flush your car's cooling system and refill with new radiato... Read More »

What Makes Radiator Fluid Leak?

Radiator fluid is part of a vehicle's cooling system that draws heat away from the engine. Radiator fluid leaks can result from a number of problems, such as bad seals, damaged hoses and bad head g... Read More »

How to Add Radiator Fluid?

The process of adding radiator fluid or coolant to your vehicle depends on the vehicle's age. In most older models, you will need to add the radiator fluid directly into the radiator. On newer mode... Read More »