What is radar-absorbent material made out of?

Answer Radar-absorbent material (RAM) typically consists of carbon ferrite, which keeps radar signals from being reflected, thus avoiding detection. Carbon ferrite is made of iron balls suspended in plast... Read More »

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Is there any law that says that i cant coat my car in a radar absorbent material?

Back when the passed the Federal 55 mph law Car and Driver Magazine did some testing on making a car invisible to radar. They used 1/2" thick RF absorbant material. Found that while it reduced th... Read More »

What material is the harmonica made of?

Most harmonicas are manufactured from injection molded plastic. Some of the higher ended models are made from lucite, silver or metal. Blues harp and Marine band type harmonicas are made from soft ... Read More »

What material is Tupperware made of?

Tupperware is made from a variety of plastics. Tupperware inventor Earl Tupper, a DuPont chemist, took a new plastic in 1942, polyethylene, and built a fortune from storage containers made of it. T... Read More »

What raw material is plastic made from?

Plastic is a polymer converted from various natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas and coal. A polymer is a large molecule composed of linked series of repeated smaller molecules called m... Read More »