What is racisim like in the amazon tribes?

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How many tribes live in the amazon rainforest?

There are approximately 215 ethnic groups speaking 170 different languages in the Amazon rain forest. One of the largest tribes is the Yanomami, which translates as "people who live in a communal h... Read More »

Do you think there's still racisim in parts of America?

YUP . RACISM is everwhere and no matter how you try to get away from it you can't. people are just haters . i don't see why have to hate on each other. i 'm from brazil and i have light hazel nut e... Read More »

Where are the headhunter tribes?

Headhunting tribes once were found throughout the world: the Balkan Peninsula, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Burma, New Zealand and South America. The most famous headhunters were the Jivaro Indians of Ecu... Read More »

What Are the Tribes of Adonai?

The Tribes of Adonai, also known as the 12 Tribes of Israel, are the ancestors of the tribes of Israel. Jacob had fathered 12 sons and who the tribes are named after. The tribes were split into fou... Read More »